How many videos/images can I upload to make the montage?

We recommend to upload max of 20 images (less than 1MB each) and max of 5 videos (10 MB each) or 25 images (less than 1MB each) for the video montage. Max video length (montage + videos) should be around 5 mins.

Can I upload my own videos or images after purchasing the video card?

Yes you can, however, only video is allowed.

How do I upload my own videos after purchasing?

A USB cable is provided. You can plug the USB into your PC/Mac and upload the video files.
Important: Always eject your drive via Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media options to avoid crashing or losing your video files in the video card.

When I purchase the video card, what does it comes with?

You will receive a video card, USB (for charging and uploading of your own video) and complimentary video montage. Please check out the collection page to create your own complimentary montage.

Can I charge my video card and for how long?

You can charge your video card with the USB provided. We recommend you to use the USB wall adapter and have a full time charge of approx 1.5 hours every time you charge, to preserve the battery condition of the video card.

What is the specs of the video card?

Specs of video card:
- 7 inch FULL HD screen
- 1500 mah Li-Battery
- Memory: 256MB -5 buttons: play/pause, pre, next, vol+, vol-ch

How long can I play the video for?

The playing time is around 2-2.5 hours on loop.

Is there any warranty?

Warranty is 6 months from the sent out date of the video card. The warranty will only strictly cover for damage of the screen.
We will not cover any accidental scratches and any accidental damage of screen will be based on case by case basis.
The video card is easy to operate and use for playing video. However as it is still an electronic device. We recommend to keep it away from wet area and avoid dropping it.
Do email us at hello@fromconfidentlyyours.com if you need any assistance regarding the warranty.

How long does the shipping takes?

All orders will take around 1 weeks to arrive (from date of order)

Can I purchase now to qualify for the promo and upload the images & videos later?

Yes you can! Please indicate that you will upload the photos later in the "Special instructions for seller" and leave your contact number as well.